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IN2CROSSFIT is a strength and conditioning crossfit gym clapham that focuses on providing functional fitness for all abilities. We use a variety of training methods including sprint drills, gymnastics, Olympic Lifting, Plyometrics, Kettlebells, and power lifting.

Our classes are small group based personal training sessions with at least 1 coach for every 12 members. Every level of athlete is welcome, all our workouts are scalable to match the needs and abilities of every individual.

We offer specialty classes in Olympic Lifting, Kettlebell training and mobility training.


It’s no secret that our gym is in a warehouse. The concept of the Garage Gym comes from the roots of the CrossFit culture. We don’t have mirrors on the walls, treadmills with TV’s inbuilt or fancy spa facilities.

What we do have is an amazing tribe of members who want to improve themselves consistently and would go above and beyond for each other. We also have a group of coaches who live for this and are passionate about seeing members increase their physical capabilities.

EVERY session we hold is coached, we place great emphasis on technique and ensuring everybody gets the most out of each session.


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What are you waiting for? IN2CROSSFIT Clapham is a community with open arms waiting to accept new participants like you into the world of Crossfit. Based in Clapham we are ideally located south west London to welcome everyone from those based in Central London, Clapham and further afield.

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