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By Coach Jack.

Many people will have noticed in the last week there have been some comments and questions raised over a few workout scores. Unfortunately the added incentive that comes from the competitive nature of CrossFit means that it can sometimes be the focus and not just a bi-product. Firstly, let me state the absolute goal of training in my opinion should be enjoyment. One of the main negatives of CrossFit as well as it being a positive is the competition. If it was solely down to me then the the goal of a session would be to come in have fun and work hard, scores be damned. However I know myself that when I did CrossFit (a long time ago) trying to beat someone in a workout was a huge driver. Now, in my opinion I think there is a difference between outright cheating and missing the odd rep which we have all done. These situations create 2 camps, those who have questions raised about performance, and those who complain about it. Notice how I did not say those that are affected by it. Because your time in the gym should be yours, on any given day don’t worry about where your score is relative to someone else, it is about you. The time for being competitive is during a competition. Where all things are equal, and everyone is held to the same standard. We are now in a situation where members are counting eachother’s reps, and the coaches are talking about it daily wondering what to do. I even decided to observe and count reps for a few workouts this week to see if there was actually an issue: I will be honest, there was, on every single occasion, without fail.

From my perspective, cheating is a strong word. It invokes images of doping, or dropping a cheeky elbow in a match! But having racked my brains that is the only word I can think of. Like everyone else I find it frustrating, but having discussed it with the coaches, we realised that it is not something that should bother us or you. Members that cut reps are as frustrating as those that let it bother them. If you suspect a score is not genuine, let it go, acknowledge that your result and their result are not comparable. If you are perhaps someone who has been questioned over your reps, then you should also ignore it. Either your workouts have been questionable and now you have been called out on it, and it is true, or people are wrong and therefore you can just ignore it. Prove them wrong when the time comes.

I don’t want to sound as though this post is solely venting my frustrations at anyone who has had scores questioned, because those that are doing the questioning also need to let it go. My biggest concern are not those that are competitively focused but those who are wondering how they will ever be able to match another athlete and they are becoming disheartened. Don’t let what anyone else is doing in the gym effect how you feel about yourself.

I apologise for my own comments via social media, and hence forth will do my best to quash any further comments, both online and in person. Perhaps individuals should have been spoken to in person, but in all honesty I didn’t see the point; cut reps, don’t cut reps it is down to what you want out of your training. But if you feel you are one of the people being questioned I would either strive to make sure your reps are on point, or just own it. The next 5 weeks are some of the best times in the gym, it is great for building community, testing yourself and seeing all your hard work pay off. For some of you it is time to let the competitive juices flow; there will be judges and everyone will know where they stand afterwards. If you have been affected by the goings on over the last few weeks and want to come and speak to me in person, I am more than happy to. This really should not be the main talking point in the gym when we are staring down the barrel of 5 glorious weeks of competitive adult PE.

Enjoy The Open!


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