Meet the coaching team behind the intense workouts at IN2CROSSFIT Clapham; our team of coaches are professionally trained, experts and massive Crossfit enthustiasts so you can be sure only the best are helping you when it comes to Crossfit.


    Gwendolin played semi professional Volleyball in Germany and worked in a clinic with heart disease patients before moving to London. After watching her friend Joslyn Thompson-Rule at the London Throwdown it took her only (really?!) another 6 months to finally get started with CrossFit. It wasn’t because she was hooked when she saw Joslyn competing but more because she wanted to find out if all the critics she heard and read about were true or not. It turned out they weren’t, and Gwen now believes it’s a fantastic sport that she wishes she’d gotten into earlier.

    Gwendolin competed in her first individual competition at the London Throwdown 2013 and was the first German female athlete to qualify individually for the European Regionals 2013. She qualified again for Regionals 2014 and finished on the podium at the French Throwdown 2014.

    With a degree in sports science, 4 years of experience as a Personal Trainer and a background in sports that cover gymnastics, track and field, Volleyball and triathlon (which you wouldn’t believe if you saw her running…) she is a well rounded character to come across. Gwendolin loves to grind through long WODs (15 minutes+) or to lift heavy stuff mixed with gymnastics but is still trying to become best friends with DUs or the airdyne…


    Tim completed a Graduate Diploma in Applied Science specialising in Physical Conditioning following 5 successful years of Personal Training and Coaching in Dunedin, New Zealand. Through distance learning, he completed his Diploma and an internship at Lincoln University in Christchurch, New Zealand where he worked alongside top Conditioning coaches and National Representative Scholarship athletes.

    Tim has played competitive Football his whole life, and having represented his province in up to under 21 level, along with representing at the Milk Cup in Northern Ireland in 2008, and captaining his team to 3rd place in the Mainland Premier League, a step in to sporting performance was all but a certainty.

    In 2013, his friend introduced him to Crossfit and convinced him to complete the hero WOD “Murph”. It’s safe to say it was a shock to the system and unlike any other sessions Tim had completed in the gym. After participating in Crossfit for a year, Tim decided to enter The Open as well as participate in the Pound for Pound competition in New Zealand. A year later and Tim began helping Coach at Franks Brothers Crossfit in Christchurch and was chosen to represent Franks Brothers at the National Team Competition held in Mount Maunganui, where he and his partner gave the team their best finish of 2nd in the competition for their workout.

    Tim loves working with people and seeing them grow and achieve what they set out to do, whether it be general health and fitness related, or sporting performance. Tim looks forward to working with everyone at In2, and is excited to be a part of everyone’s journey to success.


    Jack is a former national league level basketball player. Following an injury Jack started coaching and training athletes, and found his passion for health and fitness.

    Growing bored with his existing training regime and realising his clients needed something a little different Jack was introduced to CrossFit. A few very humbling workouts later and Jack was hooked.

    Having completed his level 1 and then an intern-ship coaching at another affiliate Jack opened IN2CROSSFIT.

    Jacks main passions are Olympic Lifting and strength training.

    In the short term Jack is working on his UKSCA accreditation. In the long term his aim is to bring CrossFit to as many people as possible and coach a team that qualifies for the CrossFit games.


    • Level 3 Personal Trainer.
    • Ushomi Fitness
    • Kettlebell Instructor
    • Bullgarian Bag Instructor

    Olympic Lifting

    • BWLA Level 1
    • Olympic Lifting Instructor
    • Giles Greenwood lifting seminar


    • CrossFit Level 1
    • CrossFit Kids
    • CrossFit Mobility
    • CrossFit Football
    • CrossFit Coaches Prep Course

    Email Jack at


    Coming from a background rugby, hockey and cricket since the age of 7, it’s safe to say that sport has been a big part of Tom’s life. He discovered crossfit via the ESPN website in 2011 when Rich Froning first took the title of the Fittest Man on Earth. After a year of watching youtube videos, tiring of the dull globo gym routine and retiring from hockey in October 2012 (due to a knee injury), Tom joined IN2 at the beginning of February 2013.

    Weighing in at a solid 95kg and a lot more unfit than he thought, he was humbled by the first workout by finishing last. 6 weeks later he had completed the elements course and competed in the 2013 Open. Needless to say he was hooked!

    Having gone through the intern programme here at IN2 he has already learnt a lot from all the coaches within IN2 and is constantly improving his own knowledge and coaching style. His favourite part of CrossFit is Olympic lifting and Heavy Barbell metcons. He hates squatting (it’s miserable) and running!

    Coaching Qualifications to date:

    • Crossfit Level 1
    • Jon North Attitude Nation Level 1

    Marie Claire or ‘MC’ has always had an interest in sport and fitness and was a keen member of the netball squad through school. What she lacked in co-ordination she made up for in enthusiasm and dedication to her team in those early years. MC rediscovered her passion for fitness and good nutrition in her late twenties when she started running, yoga and bootcamp type training. She discovered she really loved training and eating well and she instantly started to enjoy the positive effect it had on her mind, body and soul. She soon began to think how much she want to share this feeling with other people!

    After a series of injuries limited her ability to run a friend recommended CrossFit as a type of fitness training that she could do that would help strengthen all her muscles and support her love for running. She nervously came along and did the foundation course with us in September 2011, not quite convinced that lifting barbells was something a ‘lady’ should do and didn’t understand how it would help her run better….. Needless to say 3 months later MC was convert having researched into functional fitness training as well as developing her technique and confidence in class. MC has a very keen interest in mobility and the importance of warming up and cooling down effectively with stretching and mobility work. She is on a mission to convert all the non-stretchers out there to feel the benefit of stretching!

    MC is a fashion designer by trade and has spent several years working in the fast paced world of womens high street fashion. She went freelance in 2011 in an attempt to incorporate more fitness into her life and had been thinking of a personal training certification when she discovered CrossFit. She completed the Intern Programme at In2 CrossFit in 2012. It has been life changing for MC and she is dedicated and inspired to pass on the message and help as many people discover health, fitness and wellbeing through eating right, training hard and most importantly having fun!

    MC has her Level 1 Trainer Certificate and also holds a USHOMI Olympic Weightlifting Instructor Certificate.


    Jacqui is yet another one of those pesky Australians living in London, though she arrived via a few years in China.

    She got hooked on poledancing for fitness while at university and went on to teach and perform pole both in Australia and China. After arriving in the UK, she received her Vertical Dance and exercise to music certifications in order to continue sharing her love of fitness.

    Through pole she became interested in circus arts and spent some time training with an Australian community circus group where she learned acrobalance, fire spinning/breathing, stilt-walking, static trapeze and her favorite, aerial rope. If she’s killing some time between classes, you may find Jacqui hanging from the ceiling in unusual positions.

    Wanting to improve her strength and fitness for circus led her to Crossfit and she has never looked back. She has now recieved her Level 1 certification and coaching training at In2 and also completed a weightlifting course to improve her favourite lift, the snatch.

    Jacqui loves how Crossfit has improved her circus skills and vice versa. On top of that, after spending years as a teacher she’s developed a love for helping others to improve their skills. If you are ever interested in knowing a more efficient or more ‘interesting’ way to get up the rope, just ask her!


    A little about my CrossFit journey – my sporting back ground is in water polo, and I was introduced to CrossFit as a team crosstraining method. I played water polo for 8 years, representing Australia in junior divisions and held a scholarship with the Queensland Academy of Sport for 5 years. Despite this, it didn’t take long for CrossFit to completely consume me, and I’ve been training for just over 2 years now. I absolutely love to compete and I can’t wait to throwdown against some of the best athletes London has to offer in our very own gym.

    On the coaching side, I began coaching back home about a year ago. I’m extremely passionate about the sport of CrossFit, but the main reason I coach is to see the role it plays in changing people’s lives. It’s highly rewarding to work with someone day in, day out, and see them not only improve their movement within the gym, but improve their everyday lives through that change.

    CrossFit stands alone against your regular gym because of its amazing community. I’m excited to see what the In2 community is made of, and hopefully become a big part of it.

    My favourite bench mark workout is Fran – short, fast and disgusting! The best cheat meal is any kind of pizza and my favourite paleo dish is my mum’s zucchini slice.


    Stephanie found her way to In2 via a transfer for work from Houston, Texas in the summer of 2013. She left behind a crossfit gym she had worked out at for 4 years, and coached at for 3+ years. Now that she’s “found her feet” (and can understand the British accent a little better!) she’s really pleased with the opportunity to help coach all of the athletes at In2 and show them how they do it in Texas!

    Stephanie found Crossfit in 2009 when training for the USA Women’s National Rugby team. She dropped 40 lbs (~18 kgs) in the first 6 months after adopting the zone diet and working out at Crossfit 5x a week. USA rugby was very pleased with the transformation and after a move from prop to inside center, she played for another year before settling on Crossfit as her main sport. She became passionate about learning more about nutrition as a part of her training and performance, eventually shifting to the paleo diet after attending many seminars with the Whole 9 group, Robb Wolf, and other real food “gurus.” In addition to these nutrition seminars, she has the following certifications under her belt:

    • Crossfit Level 1 (attended two seminars)
    • Kettlebell Training
    • Olympic Weightlifting with Dutch Lowy, Ursula Garza
    • Outlaw Barbell (methods and madness)
    • Crossfit & Olympic lifting with Mike Burgener
    • Crossfit Football
    • Crossfit Endurance
    • Movement Seminar with Carl Paoli
    • Crossfit Gymnastics
    • Crossfit Movement and Mobility

    Stephanie has enjoyed competing in any and all competitions since finding Crossfit, making it to Sectionals and Regionals in 2010, Regionals in 2011, and competing on a team at Regionals in 2012. After overcoming 2 major surgeries in the last 2 years, she hopes to get back on the competitive track while training at In2.

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