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In2CrossFit offers personal training sessions based out of our Clapham CrossFit gym. Our personal training sessions are completely tailored to you and your goals. We have very experienced coaches who can design a programme with an emphasis on anything from general fitness, weight loss (including nutrition advice), to sport-specific strength and conditioning.

You might be looking for some PT sessions to kick start a new fitness regime, or you may be looking for some sessions to dip your toe in the CrossFit water – or you may be looking for a longer term regular PT programme. We have clients that fit all those categories and more so whatever you’re looking for, the chances are our coaches have it covered.

Being based in our extremely popular CrossFit gym, your PT session workouts can be based on the type of thing we do in CrossFit classes – to not only give you a taster of what the CrossFit buzz is all about but also to provide an exhilarating workout that drives results for specifically for you. Please note however that we do not have a one-size-fits-all approach – your PT sessions may look very different to CrossFit if your coach believes that’s what will get you to your goal faster.

All our personal training sessions are undertaken by our in-house CrossFit coach  Jamie Lau (please click for full bio on each coach) so you can be sure your personal training sessions will be time & effort well spent.

Getting started

As a first step we always like to chat on the phone to get some more background from you and discuss how we can best help you. Please use the contact form on the right and just jot some notes to specify you’re interested in PT, and one of our coaches will be in touch.

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