Programming W/C 11/09/2017

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Monday 11/09/2017
Warm up


Skill/Strength 3x
8 DB bent over row
3 wall climb to wall plank
WOD Working in pairs, divide as needed
300 double unders
150 calorie row
75 hang power cleans @50/35
Coaches notes



Tuesday 12/09/2017
Skill/Strength 6×3 deadlift
WOD 35/25 calorie assault bike
Coaches notes Septembers class wars!
6am got off to a winning start in August, time for the other classes to step up.


Wednesday 13/09/2017
Warm up
WOD Working 2 minutes on, 2 minutes off x 10 rounds
5 front squats @60/40 RX 70/50 RX +
10 bar jumping burpees
ME assault bike
Coaches notes


Thursday 14/09/2017
Warm up  Coaches choice
Skill/Strength A)
Split jerk skill workB)
6×3 push press
1 clean rest 10 1 cleanB)
6x 2 split jerkC)
3,3,3,3,3 Front squat
WOD 4x
not for time
8 single arm DB bench press
20 lying back extensions
2 lengths front rack KB carry
Rest 1:00 between rounds
Coaches notes  Today’s session is more in line with the strength classes that we are planning on adding to the timetable later in the year.


Friday 15/09/2017
Warm up
Skill/Strength NA
WOD Barbara
5 Rounds:
20 Pull-Ups
30 Pushups
40 Sit-Ups
50 Air Squats
Rest 3:00 between roundsTime cap 45
Coaches notes Scaling options;
Option 1
Scale to 3 rounds.
Movement scaling
Pull ups to ring rows
push ups to box push ups


Saturday 16/09/2017
Warm up
Skill/Strength 6×3 back squat A)
3 position snatch
below knee
above kneeB)
Wendler back squatC)
1-3 muscle ups
WOD 3 minutes on 3 minutes off.
3 rounds
40 double unders
20/15 calorie row
ME wall balls
4 minute window
80 doube unders
12/9 calorie assault bike
12 hang cleans @ 50/35
ME Box jumpsrest 44 minute window
80 double unders
9/6 calorie assault bike
9 hang cleans @70/50
ME Box jumps

rest 4

4 minute window
80 double unders
6 hang cleans @80/60
ME box jumps


Coaches notes


Sunday 17/09/2017
Warm up
Skill/Strength 4x
6 snatch grip RDL
Rest 30
6 bench press
Coaches notes


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