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Monday 19/6/2017
Warm up


Clean prep
Skill/Strength A.
1 clean + 3 front squats
2 minutes between setsB.
8 touch and go push press 2-0-X-1
Rest 90
1- 2-4 Bar muscle ups/4-6 CTB/PU 8-10 Ring row2- 3 Thrusters @70/50 RX+ or 50/35 RX3- 12/9 Calorie assault bikeUnscored
Coaches notes  Starting to add a little bit more breathing work to the gymnastics, make sure you choose a thruster weight that means you can go UB.


Tuesday 20/6/2017
Warm up UB
Skill/Strength A.
Ring muscle upsOr
5×3 low or high ring transition
WOD 4 minutes on 4 minutes off x4
10 DB power clean 20/12.5
15 burpees
30 double undersRestart every round from the beginning. Score is total reps
Coaches notes Gymnastics work
Continuing the transition work we have been doing on muscle ups, for those who are comfortable performing muscle ups choose a rep range to work into an EMOM. If you can’t do 1 muscle up every minute for 6 minutes then work on the high ring transition drill, volume and building muscle memory will help you the most in building towards consistent muscle ups.Conditioning
Each set should be hard effort, choose a DB weight that means you do not need more than 2 sets to complete the 10 reps. Burpees should be at a steady pace, any rest should be taken at the top of the rep and not lying on the nice cold floor! Scale double unders to :30 of double under practise per round, or :30 skipping practise.


Wednesday 21/6/2017
Warm up UB
Skill/Strength A.
Single arm DB row (leg supported)
Either EMOM 6
HSPU x 4-6
Eccentric HSPU x1-2
Seated DB stric press x 6C.
Either EMOM 6
4-6 pistols
single leg squat 4×6 each leg
WOD Rowing work

3x 6 minute windows for max cals.
Set 1 at 20-22SPM
Set 2 at 22-24SPM
Set 3 at 24-26SPM

Coaches notes Structural strength and gymnastics for the strength, for the next block at least once per week we will have some focused time on some gymnastics progressions and strength assistant exercises. Continuing with the hand stand push up work some of you will now progress to EMOM work, for those of you still developing strength you will be building into eccentric work or strict pressing.

Engine work
We wanted to put in some structured sessions to develop aerobic capacity and rowing intervals. Following last weeks 1km time trial we noticed that everyone needs a better understanding of how to control speed using stroke rate. So your focus this week is to be able to settle into a steady rhythm, as a guide as your stroke rate goes up by 2, your /500m split times should go down by around 2 seconds. We have given a range for your stroke rate at each interval, this is because people have different preferences, for example Jack would complete a 2km at 24 SPM, where as coach Ali might be closer to 28. Find the stroke rate that is right for you and increase each round.

To keep it fun your score will be max cals, but you can’t cheat by going beyond the stroke rate!


Thursday 22/6/2017                                          
Warm up hip openers and sumo DL prep  Snatch drills
Skill/Strength Sumo DL 6/4/2/6/4/2


Snatch complex
1 hang power snatch
1 snatch jerk
Pause for 3 seconds in the catch, dip, catch and bottom of the squatB.
2 Pausing snatch
Pause at the knee, pause mid thighC.
Front squat wave phase 2. Week 1 of 4.Set 1
3 Front squats @65%
Rest 45
2 front squats @70%
Rest 45
1 front squat @75%
Rest 2:00Set 2
3 front squats @70%
Rest 45
2 front squats @75%
Rest 45
1 front squat 80%
Rest 2:00Set 3
3 front squats @75%
Rest 45
2 Front squats @80%
Rest 45
1 Front squats 85%
WOD Working in pairs, alternating movements.
4 rounds total.20/15 calorie assault bike
15 hang power cleans 50/35
20 box jump overs


Coaches notes Sumo Deadlift

Across the sets you should be looking to build towards a challenging double. Increase through the first 6/4/2 reaching a peak, then back it down and aim to peak a little higher on the next round.


Aim for consistent movement today, maintain a constant RPM on the assault bike, aim for no more than 3 sets on the power cleans and keep a steady pace on the box jump overs.

Snatch Work

Week 1 of the new block.
Focused positional work in the warm up, getting the shoulders to switch on and sharpen your movement.
Pause snatches to build more awereness of the positions, you should not be failing lifts here at all, max loading 85%.

Squat Waves

Following some higher volume work in the last block we are continuing with the wave loading, however we are bringing the volume down as we increase the intensity. Next week you will be doing work at your 1rm, and the following week we will be trying to push beyond your current max. If you are feeling fatigues from the rest of the week, aim to hit the weights for the singles but reduce the weight for the rest of the squats.


Friday 22/6/2017
Warm up Shoulder focus for TTB
Skill/Strength A.
3 strict leg raises + 4-8 kipping TTBOr
3 eccentric leg raises + 5 kip swing + 8 weighted sit upsB.
Touch and go shoulder to overhead and front squat work. Build to WOD weight
WOD “Friyay”

Med ball run to the vault and back
8 shoulder to overhead @50/35
8 front rack reverse lunges
16 squats to med ball

Coaches notes Gymnastics work
Building some TTB technique and strength. It is important to choose the right progression for you. In order to get the benefit of the strict + kipping TTB you need to be able to link kipping TTB together. If you are not yet able to do that we have broken down the movement so you can develop each part of the TTB on its own.


Saturday 24/6/2017
Warm up General
10 minutes solo
Skill/Strength 4x
16 alternating single arm DB bench
No rest
:45 double under practise
Rest 90
1 power clean and jerk + 1 cleanB.
Wendler back squat
Between sets
2-4 strict muscle ups
Scaling options
Jumping to eccentric
tough feet assistedC.
5 minute EMOM
Butterfly pull up work
WOD Working 2 minutes on 1 minute off x 3 rounds.

Row for calories

5 pull ups 10 push ups 15 squats

Score is total reps cals + AMRAP. Carry on where you left off for the pull ups,

push ups and squats.

 27 Hang power snatch @40/30
27 wall balls
27/22 calorie assault bike
21 Hang power snatch @50/35
21 wall balls
21/17 calorie assault bike
15 Hang power satch @60/40
15 wall balls
15/12 calorie assault bike
Coaches notes Strength

Single arm DB bench for some shoulder health and endurance, using the single arm also means we need to brace through the midline to stabilise, don’t be suprised if you get DOMS in your abs the next day! Some structured focus on double unders, work with the coaches to develop your skills, if you are a double under king or queen, once you are warm work into some triple unders.


Short intense intervals, your focus should be consistent speed on the rower, and continuous pace on the gymnastics AMRAP. Scale the pull ups to jumping pull ups, and the push ups to box push ups, you should be getting each round of push ups done in no more than 2 sets.


Sunday 25/6/2017
Warm up
Coaches notes


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