Programming W/C 20/11/2017

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Monday 20/11/2017
Warm up


Skill/Strength A1
Front Squat
*2 Second Pause in bottom positionB1
Supinated Ring Rows (4-1-x-1)
WOD Working 60sec on/60 sec off
12/10 Cal AB
Remaining time row for Calories
*Row until you reach 60 Cal
24 Minute Time Cap
Coaches notes Choose a rep range which allows you to go unbroken. Building gymnastic skill and endurance under fatigue. Treat this as a ‘For Quality’ workout. I know for some of you it would be ‘quicker’ during a ‘workout’ to break the C2B up but I want to work endurance on this exercise.


Tuesday 21/11/2017
Warm up
Skill/Strength A1
Bench Press
Palof Press
4×10 eachside
 WOD “The Marty” For Time:
50 Medball Cleans
50 Medball PushPress
50 Wall Balls
50 Medball Situps
50 Medball OH Lunges
*RX+ 50 Medball OH Squats + Medball Bearhug Lunge instead of OH
Coaches notes Add 50 Medball Overhead Squats on the end for RX+ and do bearhug lunges instead of OH. If depth and overhead position is an issue, finish with lunges.


Wednesday 22/11/2017
Warm up  Weekly TTB Drill
Ball Up (Tuck Lever)
Straight Leg TTB
Skill/Strength A1
Choose EitherA) 100 TTB (12 Minute Cap)
*every drop 30 Double UndersB) 12 Minute EMOM
Odd- 15 TTB In no more than 2 sets
Even- 8 BurpeesC) 12 Minute EMOM
Odd- 8 Kipping Knee Raise + Kick Out
Even- 10-15 Air Squats

Double KB Overhead Carry
4×1 Length

WOD 6 Minute AMRAP
15 Box Jumps
15 S2OH @60/40
Rest 2 Minutes
6 Minute AMRAP
10 Burpees
10 Power Clean @60/40
Rest 2 Minutes
6 Minute AMRAP
5 Burpee Box Jumps Overs
5 Power Snatch @60/40
Coaches notes 2 ways to attack this workout:
Be strategic and break up the reps to maintain consistancy
Push it and test your limits. If it falls apart, it falls apart. Atleast you would know your limits.


Thursday 23/11/2017
Warm up
Skill/Strength A1
Hang Clean + Clean
Jerk From Rack
Back Squat
2×3 2×2 2×1
WOD 40 Minute AMRAP
2000 metre row
40 DB Box Step Overs
40 KB Swings
40 Push Ups
40 Cal Bike
Coaches notes Pick a pace and stick at it. 40 Minutes of moving.


Friday 24/11/2017
Warm up
Skill/Strength A1
Bottom of Dip Swinging Front Kip
Unbroken Ring Dips
*Rest as needed to ensure unbroken
*If break on the first set, stop.


Every 90 Seconds x8
8-10 Ring Dip


Foot Assisted Ring Dip

Banded Good Mornings

WOD 3 Rounds for Time:
100 DU
10 DB Down Ups
8 Bar Muscle Ups
Coaches notes Scale MU to 10 Pull ups + 10 Dips


Saturday 25/11/2017
Warm up
Skill/Strength A1
Every 2 Minutes x10
1 Power Snatch + 1 Hang SnatchA1.1
@ 120% of 1RM
1 Snatch Pulls
Back Squat
6x4Gymnastics Conditioning
50 DU
Rest as needed between rounds
*Must be unbroken so choose a rep range you can sustain with a slight decrese in reps.


WOD “Kalsu”
100 Thrusters @40/30
RX+ 60/40
*At the top of every minute,
5 Burpees
*Start with 5 Burpees
100 Thrusters @40/30
RX+ 60/40
*At the top of every minute,
5 Burpees
*Start with 5 Burpees
Coaches notes


Sunday 26/11/2017
Warm up
Coaches notes


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