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  Monday 29/5/2017
Warm up


Skill/Strength A. Back Squat @30X0 build to a tough 5RM
WOD In Partners split any

100 Wall Ball

80 S2O @50/35kg

60 TTB

80 Wall Ball

60 S2O @50/35kg

40 TTB

60 Wall Balls

40 S2O @50/35kg

20 TTB

Coaches notes  



  Tuesday 30/5/2017
Warm up Hips and Barbell
Skill/Strength A. Power Clean w/ 1sec pause at the knee; 5×1.1.1; rest 15sec; rest 2mins

*no misses, working on positoning of first pull, heavy throughout

WOD 90sec Row

Rest 30sec

90sec Thrusters @20/15kg

Rest 30sec

90sec Box Jump Overs @20″ all

Rest 2:30mins

x 3

*use AB or Ski if not enough rowers

Coaches notes  


  Wednesday 31/5/2017
Warm up UB pressing
Skill/Strength A. Bench Press @31X1; 4/4/3/3/2/2; rest 2mins

*no fails!


EMOM 6mins

30sec HSPU tech work OR 2 Wall Walks

WOD In groups of 3

15min rolling clock




Deadlift @100/70kg



200 DUs


Then 21-15-9



KBS @32/24kg



200 DUs

Coaches notes  


  Thursday 1/6/2017  
Warm up UB Pulling and squat 20 birdog to shoulder rotation


3×10 single leg box jump


3×20 bottom position goblet squat


3×5 dumbell split jerk

Skill/Strength A1. Supinated BB Bent Over Row @3111; 4×8; rest 60sec


A2. Double Arm KB Wall Squat Holds; 4x30sec; rest 60sec



Every 2 minutes x 10

1 pause clean deadlift (pause at knee)

1 hang clean pull (from knee)

1 hang clean (above thigh)



6 front squats @70% Rest 60

1 front squat @80% Rest 60

6 front squats @70% Rest 60

1 front squat @85% Rest 90

6 front squats @70% Rest 90

1 front squat @90%



6 sets to build to a heavy complex of

1 push press

1 split jerk to knee touch

1 split jerk

WOD 10min AMRAP in partners

15 UB Med Ball Cleans

ME Hang Power Cleans @60/40kg

*can only HPC when the partner is doing their med ball cleans AND only HPC reps count as score



Coaches notes   WARM UP

combining the birdogs with some shoulder rotations to open out the shoulders and thoracis for our jerk work. Slightly more complex jumping drills this week with single leg variations, scale to a height that allows you to control and stick the landing. Bottom position goblet squats to open the hips, focus on trying to keep the glutes and midline squeezed in that bottom position, that is how you should feel at the bottom of your cleans. Dumbel split jerks to work single arm shoulder stability before you get the barbel in your hands. Take your time on these and do not rush. As long as you are able to hold a lock out feel free to add weight.



Continuing to reinforce strength from the knee in our hang position. During the pause and the clean pull make sure you are level with the knee, weight in the heels and feeling tension through the hamstring. We are taking the hang clean a little higher this week so your back does not get over worked.



Continuing with the waves, this week we are adding some volume to our 70% work, and taking up the intensity with our singles. Take note of the rest period change half way through, this is to give you some extra recovery as you get towards the higher % singles. If you missed week 1, then go back and follow that wave instead of jumping in on week 2.



This week there is an added push press to the complex, focus on getting a hard drive with the legs and maintaining a tight midline position as you press overhead. For the jerk to knee touch if you feel like the floor is a long way down then adjust your split so you are landing with a softer back leg, this drill helps you put more weight on your back foot.



  Friday 2/6/2017
Warm up Squat
Skill/Strength A. Double KB Front Squats @30X0; 4×10; rest 2mins
WOD 1K/750m Row


Rest 2mins



10 Hang Power Snatch @35/25kg

30 DUs


Rest 2mins



10 Hang Power Clean @35/25kg

30 DUs


Rest 2mins


1K/750m Row

Coaches notes  


  Saturday 3/6/2017  
Warm up Hips and glutes  
Skill/Strength A. Sumo Deadlift @3010; 8/8/6/6/5; rest 2mins A) 6×2 snatch (personal variation)


B) Wendler back squat

Between sets 1-2 strict muscle up 2-6 transitions 4-6 strict dips


C) Every 2 minutes x 4 6 HSPU

WOD In Partners split the reps any way but both partners run together

5 Run to vault and back

50 KBS @24/16kg

50 Wall Balls

5 Run to vault and back

50 Burpees

50 OH Plate reverse lunge @20/10kg

5 Run to vault and back

*time cap as needed by coach


Calorie asaault bike

Thrusters @30/20 43/30 61/43


*females 15-12-7 calorie

Time cap 12


Rest 5



OHS @50/35



Rest 5

Coaches notes   OLYMPIC LIFTING

Building intensity after last week, sets increase and reps per set decrease. You should not be missing lifts so don’t attempt max doubles, target loading 80-90%



Adding volume to the muscle ups and keeping the assistance exercises the same. If you are close to a strict muscle up work on assisted concentric and unassisted eccentric reps.



Rep range stays the same this week, so you should be looking to increase the deficit from last week.



Assault bike should be chalenging but don’t go so hard that you have to take rest before starting the thrusters. Thrusters should all be unbroken so scale accordingly if needed. OHS sets should be no more than 3 per round, if you plan on breaking it up more than that then scale the weight. CTB must be done in at least sets of 2, this is to force you to work on linking kipping CTB under fatigue. Focus on improving that instead of switching to singles solely to get a faster time.



  Sunday 4/6/2017
Warm up  
Skill/Strength Every 3 minutes x 5

1 clean

1 front squat

1 Shoulder to overhead

WOD 1 partner holding a KB front rack 24/16

Other partner working through

80 box jump overs

60 burpees

20 Front squats


1 partner holding a plank on rings

Other partner working through

20 Front squats 60/40

60 wall balls 9/7

80 Swings 24/16

Coaches notes  


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