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  Monday 5/6/2017
Warm up


Hips and Barbell
Skill/Strength A. Power Clean; 5×1.1; rest 20sec; rest 2mins

*no pause, heavy across all sets

WOD 2min Row

Rest 1min

1min Deadlift @85/60kg

Rest 1min

1min Wall Balls @9/6kg

Rest 3mins

x 3

Coaches notes  



  Tuesday 6/6/2017
Warm up UB
Skill/Strength A1. Push Press w/pause in dip + Push Press; 4×1+2-4; rest 90sec

*working on vertical dip and positoning in dip


A2. Strict Low Ring MU transitions @control; 4×3; rest 90sec

*assist with your legs as miuch as need

WOD EMOM 20mins

1. 8-10 TTB

2. 40 DUs

3. 8 SA KB OHS

4. 15sec Side Plank both sides

5. 10 Ring Dips

*switch hands halfway through OHS

Coaches notes  


  Wednesday 7/6/2017
Warm up Squat
Skill/Strength A. 4 SA KB Cleans + 8 Alt KB FR Reverse Lunge; 4×1; rest 60sec b/t sides

*4 sets on both sides

WOD 60/50kcal AB


Rest 2mins



10 Box Jumps @24/20″

10 Burpees


Rest 2mins



20 Kcal Row

10 CTB


Rest 2mins


60/50kcal AB

Coaches notes  


  Thursday 8/6/2017  
Warm up Hips and glutes A)


Off box single leg squat x8

Double DB strict press from jerk position x 8

10 bottom position heavy goblet squats



3×5 single leg box jumps

Skill/Strength A. Sumo Deadlift @3010; 7/5/3/7/5/3; rest 2mins




1 hang clean pull

1 high hang clean

Rest 2


Every 2 minutes x 5

1 hang clean



Front squats

4 front squats @75% Rest 60

1 front squat @85% Rest 60

4 front squats @75% Rest 60

1 front squat @90% Rest 90

4 front squats @75% Rest 90

1 front squat @90-95%




Jerk to knee touch


1 Run to the vault and back

5 Hang Power Clean @60/40kg

5 S2O @60/40kg



Coaches notes   WARM UP

Continuing with single leg work in the warm up, crossover squats to get the glutes firing and single leg box jumps to prep the body for fast foot work on the jerks. Be sure you limit your box jump height to one which you can control the landing on.

Bottom position squats should be heavy, moving through that short range will help open the hips and the heavy load will help with midline activation, keep the kettle bell high on the chest.



Reduced the pulling volume here, with the pause power clean work going on in main group we want to be sure to not overload the lower back. Less rest for the first part of the cleans, so keep the intensity down, focus on speed and positions, think of this more as prep for the second part. Speed and bounce! Part 2 we want to build throughout the 5 rounds, don’t try and maintain a really heavy load throughout. If you are feeling fresh go ahead and knock on the door for PB town but don’t go in just yet, just get a feel for how close to a PB you are.



This week the reps for the lower intensity work has decreased to the lowest yet, however the intensity is 75% so it won’t feel easy. The singles are building towards your max but not quite there yet. I have left some room on the last single, if you are feeling really good then move towards 95%, if not stick close to 90%. The aim here is accumilating good reps, so you should not be missing lifts.



Reducing the total reps per complex, now we are just building receive position strength. If you are struggling to get the back knee to touch the floor work at a light weight and just catch with a bit more bend in the back leg. Just like the cleans, don’t go heavy all the way across sets, build as you go. You should feel good going into the last set, not like you are just trying to survive.


  Friday 9/6/2017
Warm up UB pressing
Skill/Strength A. Bench Press @31X1; 5/3/1/5/3/1; rest 2mins

*no fails! Any fails on the single rep = 100 burpees


Every 45sec

1 TGU @32/24kg

x 10

*5 each side

WOD 10 min AMRAP


2 Alt DB Snatch @12.5/25kg

2 Jump Switch Lunges


4 Alt DB Snatch

4 Jump Switch Lunges


Coaches notes  


  Saturday 10/6/2017  
Warm up UB Pulling and squat  
Skill/Strength A1. Supinated BB Bent Over Row @3111; 4×6; rest 60sec


A2. Double Arm KB Wall Squat Holds; 4x30sec; rest 60sec


5×2 snatch (personal variation)



Wendler back squat

Between sets 1-3 strict muscle ups, 2-6 transitions, 2-6 ring dips

WOD In Pairs split any


AB Kcals

Wall Balls

Row Kcals

KBS @32/24kg



SID qualifier 1.
Coaches notes   OLYMPIC LIFTING Building intensity this week, however your focus should still be on consistency. Lower intensity than you would normally go for a double, instead use this time to get used to what a heavy rep feels like. SQUATS Depending on the SID qualifier you may want to do these after the workout. We will decide by the time the class starts and plan accordingly. If you are training randomly over the summer months the cycle we have you working through is Week 1 5,5,5,5. Week 2, 3,3,3,3,3,3. Week 3, 2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2. You should be building throughout the sets, depending on how you feel the last set can be a max attempt, each time you repeat the cycle you can try and peak a little higher. Muscle up work You should be looking to progress each part of the complex a little bit each week. If you know 1 muscle up is your max then just try to add to the transitions and dips. For the next two weeks, males can kip the ring dips and females should work on strict. A reflection that most of the female athletes need to work on more raw strength as they are relatively better at dynamic work. CONDITIONING If the SID qualifier is quick and easy then the coaches will cook up a little finisher for you, we have lots of assault bikes that need breaking in.   



  Sunday 11/6/2017
Warm up  
Skill/Strength Review skills for the workout, practise and get prepped.



4 calorie assualt bike

6 push ups




8/6 calorie assault

20 seconds of double under work



4 power clean and jerk

8 calorie row


Use the skill work and warm up to figure out your progressions, how did it feel, can you keep moving with those progressions for 5 minutes? You should be breathing and sweaty by the time the workout starts.

WOD Sunday Funday

Working 5 on 1 off



8/6 cal assault bike

8/6 push ups




6/6 Single arm front rack lunge 24/16

10/8 cal row



8/6 cal assault

30 double unders



8 power clean and jerks @40

10/8 calorie row

Coaches notes  


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