So why Gymnastics……….?

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So why Gymnastics……….?

I get asked these questions a lot: how did you get so strong? How are you able to do that? Well here’s why, when I was young, my mum (yes, back then I was a bit of a mummy’s boy) took me down to the local gymnastics class, where I learnt how to do Pull-ups, Handstands, Back-tucks, Round-offs and many more movements that have put me in good stead to this day.

Here’s 5 reasons why I know it will help you.

1. You’ll get crazy strong.

Some of the strongest pound for pound Olympic athletes are gymnasts.

Being able to hold on to the bar longer, pull harder, jump higher, swing and throw further all equates to better WOD scores on the whiteboard.

2. You’ll be able to show off your fitness.

When you’re talking about CrossFit (as we are all well-known for doing!) someone always pipes up and says “yeah I go to the Gym too, how much can you lift?” or “you can’t see fitness”. I beg to differ…. You can’t prove right then and there how much you can lift, but you can prove how long can hold a handstand or how high/far you can jump… And come on, who doesn’t want to show off every now and then.

3. You’ll increase your flexibility tenfold.

Or twentyfold. The point is, I don’t care how inflexible you currently are—training in gymnastics will make you a more flexible person.

Working on movements like Cossack squats, straddle stretches and back-bends will help you to become more flexible, which in part will help you to be better at other movements in CrossFit and life in general.

4. You’ll learn to laugh at yourself.

There’s nothing better than making mistakes over and over to make you get over needing to be good at everything – instead you’ll just learn to laugh when you screw up. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fallen, done something completely wrong, or failed time and time again in an attempt something right while learning gymnastics.

Sure, it’s frustrating at times, but if I didn’t learn early on to laugh at myself when I messed up, I’d have quit after the first lesson.

And in case you hadn’t guessed, this can also be a valuable lesson that can assist you in the rest of life as well.

5. It’s Fun

Need I say more?!

So my question to you is “why not?!”

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