• Before Crossfit I would struggle to muster the enthusiasm to work out, bored of the globo gym routine. Now I wake up at 5:20am excited about working out at 6am. When I’m done I can’t wait to go back to improve on what I suck at.

  • Started at in2 in April ’12 after a couple of injury riddled rugby seasons meant I’d lost any form of fitness I once had (but as a prop forward it wasn’t much). 10 months later, I’m now fitter and stronger than ever and the best bit is there’s not an injury in sight!

  • My only regret with joining In2 is that I didn’t do it sooner. If you’re someone who spends hours on a treadmill with only your iPod for company, you should know there’s something else out there that is far more effective and a million times more fun.

  • Crossfit has been in my life since June 2012 and I’ve never been healthier or stronger. These workouts have the ability to break you down (in a good way!) and show you what you are truly capable of doing both physically and mentally! The atmosphere in the box is always great. I am officially hooked!


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