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At it’s root, CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning programme designed to elicit a broad and general response across a wide range of physical capacities. The idea is that general physical preparedness (GPP) is the ‘best fit’ model for training the majority of the population.

We believe that any fitness programme should prepare us for the demands of life, and since life is largely unknown and unknowable, our time in the gym should reflect that.

In order to ensure the aforementioned broad and general response from out training, we draw our exercise selection from a wide cross-section movements. We select exercises that advance athletic development rapidly (think; run, push, pull, lunge, jump, throw). Large, multijoint movements have more functional carryover into everyday life than those more commonly seen in commercial style gyms and perhaps more importantly, advance fitness at a much faster rate.

In short, our programme gives the biggest bang for your buck by excluding ‘waste-of-time’ exercises.



Who can do the most work in the least amount of time? This is our measurement of fitness, an individuals work capacity across a range of different tasks. In CrossFit, as a sport, this is taken very literally. As a competitive athlete, you better a) be ready to graft and b) have a whole load of different skills under your belt.

Imagine a mix between strongman, track and field, powerlifting, gymnastics, endurance events and Oympic lifting. And even then, you’re only scratching the surface of what this new sport is about. Yep, it’s pretty cool!


The CrossFit community is unique, to say the least! There is something about enduring hardship that bonds people and CrossFit is a great example of that.

CrossFit gyms are not only places for human betterment but they are social networks. In an age where the majority of interaction is done via computer screens and smart phones, this is incredibly refreshing.

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In2 Crossfit Clapham is located in the London district of Clapham and offers professional CrossFit sessions and a state of the art CrossFit Gym to those located in Clapham, London and the surrounding areas including visitors.

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