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As most of you know every member at IN2 has an allocated coach. We wanted to take this opportunity to remind everyone what your coaches can help you with. If you are still unsure who your coach is, please email Jack or Flora and we will find out who your coach is straight away. If you have gone through Elements with one of our current full time coaches, they will be your allocated coach.

This system has been in place now for nearly a year but we are aware some members are still unaware who their allocated coach is! They will have emailed you on the email you have in your TeamUp account but we appreciate some emails get missed.

For any and all admin issues relating to your membership, including pauses, upgrades and cancellations – your coach is your first port of call for this. 

All coach contacts are below:-

Every few months you should be touching base with your coach to check in on your training and see how they can help, it does not have to be face to face, feel free to drop them an email or have a quick call with them when needed. If you do not have specific things you want to work on or get out of your training then getting some time with a coach can be really helpful, having some set goals can help you stay consistent when you really don’t want to be training anymore. 

A catch up with your coach is different from a PT session; if you have specific skills you want to work on and get guidance with then it is best to book in PT session instead so you can spend some focused time on the gym floor working on those skills and progressions. 

Your coach should be your first port of call if you are looking to add in some additional programming, more in depth nutrition analysis or potentially some PT. Of course if you prefer to work with another coach on something specific, your coach will be able to get you set up with another coach. There will be charges for additional things like programming depending on how much extra work you are looking to do.

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